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6 Critical Things You Need to Look at Before Buying Vacuum Sealer

6 Critical Things You Need to Look at Before Buying Vacuum Sealer

While buying a vacuum sealer, you must ensure that you don’t regret later. That’s why it is important to look at key features that make a good vacuum sealer. There are various factors or features that you need to take into account to ensure that you are getting the most out of your food vacuum sealing machine. Here are 6 critical things you need to look at before buying a vacuum sealer:


When it comes to matters cost, there are two things that you need to consider. First is the affordability of the machine depending on your wallet. We all have a budget to work with and thus it is important to buy what you can without compromising the quality of the machine. The second is the cost of plastic bags. There two main types of machines when it comes to bag usage.

The first type of vacuum packaging machine uses original manufacturer bags which are quite expensive. The second type of vacuum sealers use generic, or third-party bags which comes is quite affordable. Therefore, the cost of plastic bags can be extremely high if you buy a vacuuming machine that uses manufacturers’ bags.  Therefore, check if the machine can seal generic bags, or it’s just the original manufacturer bags.


How powerful is the vacuum packing machine? Well, to know the power of a vacuum packaging machine, you need to check the type of motor it is using. Note that these machines preserve food by removing the air out of the plastic bag. However, the amount of air that a machine can remove determined the shelf life of the machine. For the packaging to extract the most of the air out of the bag, then you need powerful motors. That’s one way that you can ensure that your food is hitting maximum shelf life.


The seal is as important as the machine power. It would be a waste of the money you have vacuum packing machine with a powerful machine only to a poor seal. Note that once the air is removed from the bag, it is the seal that prevents it from coming back. If the seal fails, then it will destroy the food you are trying to preserve. That is the reason it is important to check the quality of the seal while buying. The key things that you should consider are the size of the seal. The larger and stronger the sealing bar the better. That is because it makes a much stronger seal. Multiple wired seal is also highly recommended because they make multiple seals. You should consider models with two seals so that if one fails, the other will act as a backup.

Ease of use

Although the modern vacuum packing machines have been greatly simplified, the ease of use still something that cannot be ignored. You need to invest in something that easy to work with. For instance, you need to have all controls easily accessible while vacuuming food. You must also ensure that all buttons are well labeled and one can easily identify which one is which. Other features that you need to look for is an automatic lock, automatic power off, pulse control and so on. These are features that will make it easy to use and safe to have a vacuum sealer in your kitchen.


While buying a vacuum packaging machine, you need to ensure that you are getting value for money. The durability of the machine is one of the ways that you can ensure that you are getting value for money. Get something that is incredibly durable if you want to get value for money. Just look what the vacuum packing machine is made of if you want to get it right in durability. Steel constructed vacuum packing machine are the most recommended since they last for long. Avoid plastic made machines even if they are selling cheap because they won’t last long as steel.


This is something that most people tend to forget, but it’s a critical factor while buying a vacuum sealer. Imagine buying an expensive machine only for it to stop working in just one year of use or just a couple of months down the line, and you don’t have a warranty. You would probably lose hundreds of dollars. The scenarios do happen and that’s you must insist on a good a warranty.

These are key things that you need to look for in a vacuum sealer. Other features that would be worth looking at include built-in bag holder and cutter, canister ports and so on.